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Showcase your items with eBay Picture Services, the fast and easy way to include pictures in your listings.

  Pay Per Picture Picture Manager Subscription
Best for: Infrequent Sellers Consistent sellers and sellers with more than 3 listings per month
How it Works: Your first picture on each listing is always free. Add additional pictures one at a time to each listing Upload pictures in bulk, store them indefinitely and add them to listing after listing
Price: First 3 pictures free on each listing. RM 0.05 each for additional pictures RM 12 for 50MB
RM 23 for 250MB
RM 35 for 1GB

Once you upload your pictures, you can crop and rotate them with eBay Picture Services. You can also select any of the following features:

Use Supersize to increase the size of your pictures by 300% and to provide buyers with a better view of your items! Supersize will increase the size of your pictures to 500w x 500h pixels directly on your item listing plus enable buyers to enlarge your photos even more - up to 800w x 800h. Supersize also adds Picture Viewer, which allows buyers to see your Supersize pictures at the top of your item page. The price is only RM 0.45.

Let buyers see all your item pictures in the Preview Picture located at the top of the item page. A slideshow player allows them to move forward and back through your pictures or have them play automatically. The price is only RM 0.45. Combine Picture Show and Supersize to have Picture Viewer become a slideshow for viewing all your item's full-size pictures in a separate window!

Maximise your photo exposure with the Picture Pack and get up to six photos in your listing. Picture Pack costs RM 0.50.

Combine eBay Picture Services with Listing Designer to design your photo layout. It's FREE to use Listing Designer!

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