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Seller Education

Before you start selling on eBay you will need to register as a seller. Joining is fast and easy.

Everyone has something to sell on eBay. You can start with things around your house you no longer need such as CDs, toys or clothes, and can work your way up to selling as a hobby or even a full-time business. eBay's Seller Education pages tell you all you need to know. Just click on the topic you're interested in learning about.

From registering as a seller to learning and understanding eBay's policies, here's all the information a beginner will need. Even if you have sold a few things before, you might find some helpful tips and education on our Basic Selling page.
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When you're ready to sell on a regular or permanent basis, there are tools available to help you become faster and more efficient at selling. Plus, you'll learn great tips on how to help attract more buyers and sell more products.
> Click here for Advanced Selling

Selling beyond the shores of your country requires a little more effort and planning, but we'll guide you every step of the way, from showing you how to register yourself as an international seller, to offering tips and best practices to help you maximise your sales.
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