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Selling Manager Pro FAQs
What is eBay Selling Manager Pro?
eBay Selling Manager Pro is eBay's complete selling tool. It is an online tool in My eBay that helps you list items in bulk, manage your inventory, and track your listings throughout the entire sales cycle. As a seller, eBay Selling Manager Pro will help take your business to the next level. You will be able to list items, track your sales status, and respond to your buyers more efficiently and faster than ever before.

How is eBay Selling Manager Pro different from eBay Selling Manager?
Selling Manager Pro offers everything Selling Manager does in addition to bulk email, bulk feedback and printing, inventory management, bulk listing and reporting.

If you are subscribed to Selling Manager you can easily upgrade your account to Selling Manager Pro and all of your information in Selling Manager will be transferred to Selling Manager Pro.

You cannot be subscribed to both Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro at the same time. If you are unhappy with Selling Manager Pro, you can always change your subscription back to Selling Manager and your data will be transferred back.
Why did eBay produce Selling Manager Pro?
Some of the reasons we created this selling tool are:
  • To offer powerful new features and address some of the needs of high volume sellers. Selling Manager Pro has features such as bulk listing, inventory management, bulk email, bulk feedback and reporting.
  • To improve the ease of use and reliability of eBay selling tools.
  • To offer international listing and management capabilities with one selling tool.
Can I list items on eBay with eBay Selling Manager Pro?
eBay Selling Manager Pro lets you list items in bulk. It enables smart and fast listing creation by saving your Sell Your Item templates and allowing you to launch them multiple times. If you do not want to recreate all your items over again, you can easily import your existing pending and active items as well as your Turbo Lister and Seller's Assistant Pro items into Selling Manager Pro.
As a seller, why should I use eBay Selling Manager Pro?
eBay Selling Manager Pro will help you take your business to the next level. If you are a high-volume seller and list large numbers of items a month or if you find your current selling tools inefficient you should try out Selling Manager Pro. It will allow you to do the following:
  • Find out what to list and relist in bulk by tracking your inventory.
  • Sell smarter by using your products' success ratio and average selling price.
  • Become more efficient by emailing your buyers, sending feedback and printing invoices in bulk.
  • Greatly reduce the time you spend on buyer emails by using customisable email templates and sending them in bulk.
  • Save time by automating some of your post-sales emails and feedback.
  • Understand your business better by getting monthly profit and loss reports of all your sales activity on eBay including your fees.
  • Reschedule and manage your pending listings.
  • And more!
Which Web browsers does eBay Selling Manager Pro support?
eBay Selling Manager supports Internet Explorer 4.0 and later versions, Netscape 3.0 and later versions later versions. Because it is an online tool, it does not have any operating systems dependency.
Which eBay sites use eBay Selling Manager Pro?
eBay Selling Manager Pro will allow you to list and manage your items listed on all international eBay sites.
How much does it cost to use the eBay Selling Manager tool?
eBay Selling Manager Pro is available via a monthly subscription. After your trial month ends, you will be charged a RM 15.00 monthly subscription fee. Your monthly subscription fee will be automatically added to your eBay account and will appear on your monthly invoice.

As a seller, you will still be responsible for all fees that would normally be associated with listing your item for sale on eBay. This includes Optional Feature fees. Learn more about fees.