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eBay File Exchange

eBay File Exchange is a new selling tool that enables medium to high-volume sellers to list on eBay by submitting a single file and to receive sales status information in a standard flat file format. eBay File Exchange allows sellers to interact directly with eBay through a comma-separated, semicolon-delimited, or tab-delimited flat file that can be created from an MS Excel spreadsheet, MS Access, or other inventory software.
  • Save time by using your existing inventory software to create a listings file for eBay
  • Sell more by efficiently batch listing a large number of items at once

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Who Can Use File Exchange?
To qualify for eBay File Exchange, you must meet all of the following requirements:
  • Registered on eBay for at least 90 days
  • Average 50 or more active listings per month
File Exchange is a free product.

Product Features
Platform independent: Create a listing file from almost any application on any operating system.
Categories and formats supported: File Exchange supports all eBay listing formats including Auctions, Fixed Price, and Store Inventory across all categories.
Automated file template generator: Tell us what category you want to list in and File Exchange will create the file template you need, which include the columns for any item-specifics.
Multiple actions in a single file: Add, revise, relist, and end a listing or update the status and leave feedback for a listing all in a single file. Actions include:
  • Add new listings
  • Revise active listings
  • Relist completed listings
  • End active listings
  • Test a listing submission to see the results without actually listing
  • Update status - mark paid, mark posted
  • Leave feedback
Download active listings and sales history reports: Get sales status information in a flat file format for importing to your own software package. Information includes:
  • Current active listings
  • Sold items
  • Sold and archived items
  • Items awaiting payment
  • Items paid and awaiting payment
  • Items paid and posted
  • Archived items
Flat file flexibility: Create the flat file in a comma-separated, semicolon-delimited, or tab-delimited format
Support for HTTP Post: Automate your listing through scripting and posting via HTTPS.
Volume limits: 1,000 actions per day where an action may be listing a new item, revising an active listing, relist a completed listing, etc.