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eBay Explained

Selling on eBay is simple. Millions of people just like you are making extra cash or earning a great living from selling on eBay. Whether you're just clearing the clutter in your house or saving for something special, selling on eBay makes sense. You'll be surprised by what some items can sell for!

To begin selling on eBay, you will need to register as an eBay seller. To open a Seller's Account, click on the Sell link on the top of every eBay page and then select the Register Now link.

To ensure that we continue to make eBay a safe place to buy and sell, you will be asked to provide credit or debit card details. This is for verification purposes only - your card will not be charged.

Open a Seller's Account today!

Sellers and buyers rank security as a primary concern when doing business online, and confirming your identity increases the security of the eBay and PayPal networks.

 Note: You will not be able to sell internationally if you do not meet the following two criteria:

  • Have a confirmed identity
  • Offer PayPal or an approved merchant account as an accepted safe payment method for your items

Learn how to confirm your identity.

Preparation is key! Make sure you do your research before you sell your item.

Use eBay's completed items search to find similar items that have successfully sold on eBay. Just click on the advanced search link in the upper right hand corner of every eBay page.

You can gain great insight into the price at which people start their items, the format they use (auction-style or fixed price), how they describe their items and what category they list in. This will give you ideas on how to list your own item to get the best price possible.

There are a number of items that are prohibited from sale on eBay. Check our prohibited items policies

Learn more about preparing your item

You're now ready to submit your listing to eBay. The easy to follow Sell Your Item Form guides you through the steps to a successful item listing.

  • Format - Decide what format you want to sell in, auction-style or at a fixed price, called Buy It Now.
  • Category - Choose the category in which to list your item. Not sure? Let eBay help you by using the suggested categories feature within the selling form.
  • Title - Attract more buyers by writing a title that is descriptive and uses keywords that are relevant to the item you are selling.
  • Description - Your description needs to provide buyers with all the information they need. Include information such as brand, age, condition, features; the more complete the detail the better. Also ensure you include payment and postage information.
  • Duration - You can list your item for 1, 3, 5, 7 or 10 days. Many sellers list items for 7 days, which includes a weekend to capture weekend shoppers.
  • Photo - Pictures tell a thousand words, so take clear photos of your items from several angles. Using eBay's Gallery Feature will ensure that your listing grabs their attention.

Learn more about listing your item.

Pricing: A start price should aim to attract as many potential buyers as possible. Many sellers start their item low, (for example $0.99) and experience great results with a higher final sale price.

Payments: To keep eBay a safe place for both buyers and sellers, sellers who register after January 17, 2007 and want to sell internationally are required to offer PayPal as an accepted safe payment method for their items. eBay recommends PayPal, because it is a secure, fast, convenient and cost effective online payment method that allows you to accept all major credit cards, wire transfers, debit cards in one payment solution. You can also accept other forms of payment from your buyers (eg: Wire Transfer, Cash on Delivery). 

Postage: Including all postage and packaging costs in the listing is highly recommended - buyers prefer to be aware of all costs prior to bidding.

Learn more about pricing, payment & postage.

Use My eBay to track all your activity; it is especially useful if you have more than one item for sale or if you are both selling and bidding on several items.

My Messages is a secure place to receive eBay alerts about promotions and eBay information.

Once the listing ends, it's time to collect your payment from the buyer and send the item. Here are a few things to remember:

  • After the listing ends, contact your buyer to arrange payment and delivery details
  • Remember to only post the item after you've received payment from the buyer.
  • Package your item well to limit the risk of damage.
  • Leave feedback for your buyer and encourage them to do the same for you.

Please note: If for some reason your item doesn't sell, don't forget you can relist for FREE.

Learn more about managing your sales.