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  Global Trade Testimonials

Back in August 2002, I was working as the IT Manager for an IT distribution company in Singapore when I discovered the eBay marketplace whilst looking for good deals on the Internet for Cisco routers. We were looking to expand the IT operations of the company on a tight budget and I was therefore searching for used equipment. Eventually I purchased several portmasters which were being sold on eBay. This was the start for me in turning to eBay as the regular place to buy from.

Soon after that, I began selling eBooks over eBay as well. This was a hobby of mine, and made for interesting part-time work while I was back home. It was exciting and this was also how I first came to set up a PayPal account and have my first PayPal transaction.

In 2004, I was exploring new career possibilities and the idea of starting a business on eBay came to me when I purchased a Compact Flash card from a Hong Kong-based vendor. I started e-Xcessories in December 2004, resigned from my job soon after, and began working exclusively on e-Xcessories' eBay sales from January 2005. My wife actively supported me in the whole process by taking over logistics management so I could focus on marketing and purchasing. I've never looked back since.

Initially starting with selling just flash memory cards, e-Xcessories now sells almost the entire range of flash memory products, as well as PC and notebook memory and MP3 players. There are also plans to expand the product range to include watches, car accessories and mobile phone accessories by end of this year.

Today, e-Xcessories has crossed the 10,000 Feedback threshold and the yellow Shooting Star is endorsement of our reputation as a platinum PowerSeller on eBay. We are continuously working towards offering even more products, as well as improving our logistics and support systems to better serve our customers. The sky is the limit for our expansion plans. Thank you eBay for the opportunity.

Mukul Jain

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We (my brother, a very close friend and myself) got started about two years ago, buying and selling collectable toys at the Sunday Flea Market at Clark Quay. We rented a table at the Flea Market every Sunday and from there, we built up a very good costumer base and also got to keep up to date with the latest trends in the toy market. We realised soon after that we could actually fetch better prices when we sold some of these toys on eBay. We also ventured into costumes about a year ago as my brother has a passion for designing. This started off with a just few designs but we were soon encouraged by how good the response from buyers on eBay. We just moved on from there and have never looked back!
Once, we sold a costume on eBay to a "Professional Madonna Impersonator". She wore the costume for an audition, and it won her a lucrative modelling contract. She was very thankful for our efforts and in return, she sent us some pictures of herself in the costume for us to use on our eBay auctions. The response was even better for that costume after we started using her picture!

Through the years, we have received numerous pictures from our grateful eBay customers taken at various conventions from all over the world.

This positive feedback from our satisfied eBay customers have been very encouraging. Selling on eBay has given us more flexibility in terms of working hours. More importantly, it has allowed us to turn our passion and hobby into a lucrative full-time career.