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  Receiving Internationally
Sellers handle all the postage responsibilities for items that you purchase. Buyers typically pay all postage costs. The international postage tips below will help you better understand the few extra steps that sellers take to post internationally.
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Postage Costs
Postage costs for international destinations can vary greatly and are based on a number of factors.

Transit Times and Services
The transit time for international postage varies depending on the seller's country and your location.

It is usually best to insure packages when posting internationally.

Customs and International Documentation
All packages being exported or imported must clear customs and specific documentation is required.

Please note: This postage information is provided to you for your general information purposes and may not be applicable or accurate for packages processed with certain carriers or for goods posted across certain international borders. Please check with your carrier for any special rules that govern your postage of goods. For international postage, please also check with any countries whose borders your postage may cross for any additional rules, regulations, duties, or taxes that may apply.