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Seller Education - Basic

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Learning the Basics
Simple steps to selling


a. Attract more buyers by writing a title that is descriptive and uses keywords that are relevant to the item you are selling.

b. Your start price should aim to attract as many potential buyers as possible. Many sellers start their item at $0.99 and experience great results.

c. Your description needs to provide buyers with all the information they need. Include information such as:

  • Brand
  • Age
  • Condition
  • Features etc

d. On eBay you choose the payment methods you accept and the buyer pays the postage. Include the payment methods you accept, postage costs and any other charges so that buyers are aware of all costs prior to bidding.

e. Pictures tell a thousand words, so take clear photos of your items from several angles. Using eBay’s Gallery Feature will ensure that your listing grabs their attention.

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