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Selling Manager Pro helps you keep track of the cost and revenue for your eBay business. You can view your sales reports in Selling Manager Pro, print or download them for your records.
Easily print or download your monthly report.
Find out the total cost, revenue, and profit for the month including total fees.
Get the cost, revenue and profit generated by each of your transactions.

If you want more detailed information on the breakdown of your cost and revenue, use the expanded view. Selling Manager Pro will use the information you provided when creating your product and in your sales record to calculate your costs and revenue.
Find out the exact listing fees and Final Value Fees for each transaction, if applicable.
Get the sales tax you charged for each transaction.
The cost of your item is the cost you specify at the product level.
The postage cost is the amount you paid for postage which you specify in the memo section of your sales record.

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