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Kenneth's Story

Kenneth Woo ( decided to make the leap in 2005 to be a full-time seller on eBay selling BMW parts and has not looked back since. He shares selling tips for beginners and about his personal trading experiences.

"Now that it's gung-ho full time on eBay, my sales are better than before"


Q. How did you get started selling on eBay?
A. I had a day job which didn't really pay well for the kind of work I had to do and like most youngsters in the 18-25 age bracket, enjoyed lots of happy hours karaoke-ing, clubbing and didn't know how to save money. Inevitably, I was overspending and was looking for a way to fund it. Any money-making idea sounded good at that time, e.g. selling mobile phones, mp3 players, digital cameras. There were already many people on eBay selling these popular items. I wanted to find a niche market.

I've always had a keen interest in BMWs since my teenage days but couldn't afford one on my salary and expenses. In December 2003, I approached a good friend of mine who is now my supplier, to see if he had BMW spares to offer. Within the same week, he walked me through an intensive course on browsing the e-catalogue and pricing. My sales were steadily increasing and my nightlife decreased to almost zero. I was too busy snapping pictures and listing items on eBay!

In October 2005, I decided to be my own boss. That was the easiest decision I had to make and I have never looked back since. Now that it's gung-ho full time on eBay, my sales are better than before.

Q. How did you come up with your eBay ID?
A. My eBay ID,, best describes what I am offering on eBay. Buyers sometimes walk away with up to 90% discount off the retail price. The best part is the item is exactly the same as he would have gotten from his local dealer.

Q. Any interesting trading experience to share with us?
A. I enjoy providing great service to all my customers; be it before, during and after sales. I think the society now is more service-oriented. Occasionally reading the feedback from buyers just makes my day. My favourite part as a buyer is that you can hunt for that great deal and walk away with an item for 90% discount. It's rare but it really does happen. The hardest part is when you've found that bargain but cannot decide if you'll use it for yourself or sell it!

Q. What tips would you give to new sellers who would like to start an online business?

    • Find something which interests you. It really helps because you're already well versed with your product.
    • Even if it is slow at first, never give up. Even if you earn $100 or $10,000, it is extra income.
    • Be as detailed and transparent as you can. If there's a small defect on your item, highlight it and describe it. Put yourself in the shoes of your buyer.
    • Good photos are essential.
    • Your time is yours to manage. This can be your night/day/full-time job.
    • Don't procrastinate. Answer all enquiries as soon as you can. If there's one buyer out of the 10 enquiries, that is one sale made. It also helps if your client is looking for something new in the market that you aren't aware of, so sometimes you might get to learn something new and find out the trends.
    • Provide the best after-sales service as you possibly can. Repeat customers will recommend you to their friends.

Q. In a nutshell, what does eBay mean to you?
A. There is next to no start-up cost needed to sell on eBay. Here's why: For $15 a month, you can have an eBay Store with international exposure as compared to $1,500 a month which you will pay to rent a small office space which will only give you local exposure. Not to mention the advertising, renovation, furniture, equipment and other overhead hidden costs. It is also painless to list your items with all the features eBay has provided extensively.

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