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Paying with Bank Deposit Express

Completing eBay purchases is easy and fast with Bank Deposit Express:
  1. The seller simply makes bank account information available to you as a buyer.

  2. Once the listing ends, you immediately deposit money to pay for the item.

  3. Shortly thereafter, the money appears in the seller's bank account.

  4. The seller posts the item to you.

How it works

When the listing ends, you go through Checkout to get the information you need to pay the total amount owing to the seller:
  1. Select the Bank Deposit Express Payment method during Checkout.

  2. On the Checkout: Submit Payment to Seller page, click "View seller's bank account information" to get the seller's banking information and view the seller's message. You can either copy and paste the bank account information into your online banking form to transfer the funds to the seller's bank account or you can print the information and deposit money via a bank branch. If you are not sure how to transfer money to another person's account through Internet banking, simply contact your bank for assistance.

  3. When using online banking, always remember to add the eBay item number in the payment description field.

  4. When complete payment for the item appears in the seller's bank account, the seller will post the item to you.

Staying secure

  • Providing bank account information to the buyer in Checkout via Bank Deposit Express is optional. The seller can also offer Bank Deposit as a payment option without providing bank account information via eBay.
    Note: For high-priced items, we recommend you personally contact the seller before paying via Bank Deposit.

  • No other members besides the buyer can access the seller's bank account information via Checkout, because the buyer's eBay User ID and password are required. The buyer can view the seller's bank account information only if the seller has made this information available and has selected Bank Deposit Express as a payment option.

  • Some members prefer to set up a bank account purely for eBay transactions.

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