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Buying an item through the Global Shipping Program

Buying an item

When shopping, you may notice that some items can be shipped internationally through the Global Shipping Program.

The Global Shipping Program makes it easier for buyers in some countries outside the US to purchase items from US sellers. The seller ships the item to a global shipping provider located in the US and the global shipping provider ships the item to you.

Using a global shipping provider enables sellers to offer international shipping at competitive rates and may allow items to ship more quickly. In addition, your purchase is eligible for coverage through eBay Buyer Protection and PayPal Purchase Protection.

When you purchase an item through the Global Shipping Program, you receive international tracking at no additional charge and pay any applicable import charges upfront. There are no additional charges at delivery. You'll see an estimate of the international shipping charges and any import charges in the item listing. The final charges appear at checkout.

Import charges include certain fees, such as export classification, importation risk premium, and variance fees, which are assessed by the global shipping provider as part of the services provided by the Global Shipping Program. These fees are in addition to the customs duties and taxes imposed by country tax and customs officials. For additional information about applicable fees, see the eBay Global Shipping Program Buyer Terms & Conditions.

Important things to keep in mind:

  • The charges that you are quoted in the item listing are not final until paid and may change if, for example, you change your shipping address during checkout or if the applicable import rules change before you complete your payment.

  • With the exception of shipments to Canada, delivery to P.O. Boxes is not supported by the Global Shipping Program. We also can't deliver to APO or FPO addresses.


During checkout, you'll see the final charges which include the item cost, the shipping costs (both domestic and international), and any import charges. The shipping costs include any US domestic shipping fees charged by the seller, as well as program fees, international shipping charges, fuel surcharges, and processing and handling fees.

International shipping charges are calculated based on a number of factors including your delivery address, shipping weight, and package dimensions. A network of shipping carriers is used to provide fast and reliable international shipping at competitive rates.

When you pay for the item through PayPal, you are authorizing 2 payment transactions. The first payment goes to the seller and consists of the item cost and the domestic shipping costs. The second payment goes to the global shipping provider and consists of the international shipping costs and any import charges.

After you've completed checkout, you can review these charges on the Order details page. The Order details page shows the total charges and the payment amounts to the seller and global shipping provider.

Note: The Request total from the seller link is not available for Global Shipping Program purchases. You will see the total, including shipping, after you've purchased the item.


After receiving your payment, the seller ships your item to a US shipping center. Professional custom processors at the US shipping center process the package, complete customs forms, pays applicable import charges, and ship the package to the address that you specified at the time of purchase. Items that ship through the Global Shipping Program generally arrive within one week after departing the US shipping center.


Once the seller has shipped your item, you'll receive an email letting you know that the item has shipped. The email includes a global tracking number which enables you to track your item as it travels from the US shipping center to you. The global tracking number can also be found in My eBay and on the Order details page.

Resolving problems

The item hasn't arrived yet

If your item hasn't arrived yet, check the estimated delivery date on the Order details page to determine when your item should arrive. Then track your package from the Order details page or My eBay.

If the item should have arrived and you're unable to work out a solution with the seller, you can open a case in the Resolution Center.

You didn't receive an item or the item was not as described in the listing

If you did not receive an item or the item was not as described in the listing, contact the seller. Many issues can be solved with a simple conversation. If the seller isn't able or willing to resolve the problem, you can open a buyer protection case in the Resolution Center. Learn more about what do to if you don't receive an item or it doesn't match the seller's description.

You want to return an item

If you want to return an item, check to see if the seller accepts international returns by reviewing the return policy in the listing. If the seller does accept international returns, contact the seller.

Eligible countries

Global Shipping Program is available to buyers in the following countries:

  • Australia

  • Bahrain

  • Austria

  • Belgium

  • Brazil

  • Bulgaria

  • Canada

  • Chile

  • China

  • Colombia

  • Costa Rica

  • Croatia

  • Cyprus

  • Czech Republic

  • Denmark

  • Dominican Republic

  • Estonia

  • Finland

  • France

  • Germany

  • Greece

  • Guatemala

  • Hong Kong

  • Hungary

  • Indonesia

  • Ireland

  • Israel

  • Italy

  • Japan

  • Kuwait

  • Latvia

  • Lithuania

  • Malaysia

  • Malta

  • Mexico

  • Netherlands

  • New Zealand

  • Norway

  • Panama

  • Philippines

  • Poland

  • Portugal

  • Qatar

  • Romania

  • Russia

  • Saudi Arabia

  • Singapore

  • Slovakia

  • Slovenia

  • South Africa

  • South Korea

  • Spain

  • Sweden

  • Switzerland

  • Taiwan

  • Thailand

  • Trinidad and Tobago

  • Turkey

  • Ukraine

  • United Arab Emirates

  • United Kingdom

Oversized items

For an item to be eligible to be shipped to you through the Global Shipping Program, the seller's packaging must meet dimension and weight requirements:

  • The package must not weight more than 66 lbs.

  • The package must not exceed 66 inches in length.

  • The package must not exceed the maximum dimensions of 118 inches.

    • Dimensions = length + 2 * (width + height).

    • Length is the longest side of the package.

  • The package must not exceed the maximum dimensional (DIM) weight of 66 lbs.

    • Dimensional weight = (length x width x height) / (dimensional factor) where the dimensional factor = 166.

Restricted categories

Any items listed in the following categories are currently not supported by the Global Shipping Program due to export limitations and restrictions:

  • Business & Industrial > Heavy Equipment

  • Business & Industrial > Heavy Equipment Attachments

  • Business & Industrial > Websites & Business for Sale

  • Cell Phones & Accessories > Smart Watches

  • Coins & Paper > Virtual Currency

  • DVDs & Movies > Storage & Media Accessories

  • eBay Motors (Note: Parts & Accessories are supported by the Global Shipping Program)

  • Gift Cards & Coupons

  • Health & Beauty > Fragrances

  • Home & Garden > Fresh Cut Flowers & Supplies

  • Pet Supplies > Backyard Poultry Supplies

  • Pet Supplies > Other

  • Real Estate

  • Specialty Services, with the exception of:

    • Specialty Services > Custom Clothing & Jewelry > Hats, Handbags & Accessories

    • Specialty Services > Custom Clothing & Jewelry > Jewelry

    • Specialty Services > Custom Clothing & Jewelry > Other

  • Sporting Goods > Other

  • Stamps > Stamp Certification Services

  • Tickets & Experiences

  • Travel, with the exception of:

    • Travel > Luggage

    • Travel > Luggage Accessories

    • Travel > Maps

    • Travel > Travel Accessories

  • Video Games & Consoles > Prepaid Gaming Cards

  • Wholesale & Bulk Lots

Note: This list is not exhaustive.

Prohibited items

In addition to the items listed below, any item that is prohibited on eBay cannot be shipped using the Global Shipping Program.

  • Obscene material

  • Child pornography

  • Hate propaganda

  • Narcotics (including controlled substances)

  • Currency (including bank notes, stocks, bonds, coupons, credit cards, unused travelers checks, securities, certificates, and other negotiable items)

  • Weapons (including firearms, knives, etc.)

  • Tobacco

  • Medical materials

  • Biological specimens

  • Perishable items

  • Liquids, liquefiable substances, and powders

  • Animals

  • Human body parts

  • Plants

  • Batteries (with exception of those that come included with consumer electronics such as AA, C, Li-ion batteries)

  • Radiological devices

  • Dangerous goods

  • Alcohol, including samples

  • COD shipments

  • Furs, fur clothing, fur-trimmed clothing

  • Jewelry, gold or any other precious metals (whether manufactured or non-manufactured) that are subject to carrier and/or customs restrictions

  • Live, replica, or inert munitions

  • Fine arts

  • Cosmetics (including perfume)

  • Parcels that exceed maximum package size and/or weight limits imposed by global service provider.

  • Any type of air, gas or liquid in a compressed container

  • Lasers

  • Radar busters

  • Bows, crossbows, arrows

  • Seeds

  • Chemistry Sets

  • Nutritional supplements, neutraceutical

  • Plant fertilizers, nutrients

  • Printer toners

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